Assassin Tattoo Studio is a Tattoo Shop in Queens, NY

Assassin Tattoo Studio has been providing the highest quality tattoos in Queens, NY for over 6 years. Open 7 days a week and serving Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island, Assassin Tattoo Studio with custom tattoos and body piercings, with a specialty in Oriental style tattoos. The artistry of our tattoo shop comes with over 15 years of body ink experience, creating and offering custom designs and realistic tattoos that successfully satisfy our clientele.

For a Japanese style tattoo that reflects your ancestry, spirituality, or energy, Assassin Tattoo Studio is your preferred provider in the Queens-area. Come by our tattoo studio for a consultation appointment or walk-in today.  

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What Makes Us Proud

  • Over 15 Years of Experience
  • Dedicated & Passionate
  • Efficient & Quality

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Locations served

  • Queens, NY
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Long Island, NY